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Syria’s Women of War

These are the members of the only all-female fighting unit in the war-torn Syrian city of Aleppo, photographed by Reportage’s Sebastiano Tomada in March of this year. They said they had come together to augment the fighting power of the Free Syrian Army. “Women are fighting on all the fronts now,” a female activist told Sebastiano. “Women often transport weapons and supplies for rebels as they are less likely to be searched at army and security checkpoints.”

This series was recently awarded first prize by the jury of PX3: Prix de la Photographie Paris, the exhibition for which was held last week. See more of Sebastiano’s work on the Reportage website.


Iraq is a country divided. Battles are being waged not just by ISIS and between Sunnis and Shiites, but within the groups themselves. In June, Iraq’s leading Shiite cleric, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, issued a call to arms, urging his followers to join forces with the government’s military in order to stop the march of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Simultaneously, another of Iraq’s foremost political leaders, Muqtada al-Sadr, resurrected his Mahdi Army, one of the most experienced and largest battle groups in the country. Al-Sadr refuses to let the government have any control of his forces.

Reportage by Getty Images photographer Lynsey Addario traveled throughout the country to witness how these tensions are affecting the Shiite population.   

Please see more from her work here - Iraq: A Country Standing Divided


Faces Of World War I By Steve Pyke

 “ The war had always gripped me. As a child I met and spoke openly to the old timers who had fought, including  my grandfather Arthur Pyke who served as a cabin boy at the battle of Jutland in 1916. I realized that by chance of birth had I been born in the late 19th century, then undoubtedly I would have served too. By the time I completed this project to photograph the veterans of WWI – in their homes and in multiple countries,  most of those who had fought had passed away. As the centenary of the War approaches it’s a poignant time to revisit these faces of WWI.”

Caption:Vahan Dukmejian, a veteran of World War I, on Long Island, USA, 1993. (Photo by Steve Pyke/Getty Images)

Caption:Nicholas Keating, a British veteran of World War I, at the Royal Hospital Chelsea in London, UK, 17th May 1994. Residents of the hospital are known colloquially as Chelsea pensioners. (Photo by Steve Pyke/Getty Images)

Caption:Rene Vincent, a veteran of World War I, 12th June 1993. He fought at the Battle of Verdun in 1916. (Photo by Steve Pyke/Getty Images)